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Dogger™ Buggy

Dog Quality


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The Dogger™, a Dog Quality product, is unlike any other pet buggy on the market. We designed this buggy with senior dogs in mind which is why it is absolutely the most comfortable and sturdy ride for your dog available today.

The Dogger is equipped with real rear suspension allowing you to take any bumps, cracks or obstacles in your path with ease. The basket sits higher up than most buggies allowing your dog to have the best view available which they will LOVE!

The canopy can be used in multiple positions and panels can be removed. Never leave your dog at home again with this high quality buggy made in Canada with more heart than you have ever seen in a product before.

The roomy basket comes with a soft pad for added comfort and mesh windows for maximum visibility. 12" air-filled tyres and rear shocks give you and your dog an incredibly smooth ride. And with a front wheel that can swivel, you get 360 degree maneuverability.

This dog buggy is also built to make it comfortable for dog parents with its adjustable handle bars and handy underneath storage.

For long term coverage, the Dogger's 2 year warranty on all frame related parts, represents the best product protection in the market today.

Interior basket measures: 66 cm L x 35 cm W x 50 cm H. Weight capacity: 27 kgs (please ensure your dog will fit comfortably within the basket dimensions).

There are many benefits to using a dog buggy from assisting older dogs or disabled dogs with mobility issues, to helping dogs that need a break from the heat, or a rest from a long walk. A dog buggy is also a terrific means for safely transporting your dog and for keeping them out of harms way. Whatever your need may be, give your dog the very best - give them a Dogger.

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