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Grippers dog traction socksclick to zoom
The socks arrived and are proving to be a success. Molly (11 yrs) comes to work with me every day. We have a lino floor in the workshop, which she found difficult because of slipping. You will see from the photos that I have attached, she is even able to have a good stretch now, without her back legs giving way.

Pauline Newman, United Kingdom


Grippers dog traction socksclick to zoom
Our dog Hardie has been wearing the socks on his back feet for two days now. No more slipping and falling, and he is spending more time out of bed. He seems perfectly happy to wear them. He's 16 1/2 and getting frail but this has definitely improved his quality of life. Thank you so much!

Alex Whinnom, Stockport, United Kingdom


Dogger Pushchairclick to zoom
We have just come back from our Maiden Voyage and it was a dream. Easy to fold in the car. We even got to use the rain hood which will come on very handy with the UK Weather. Sparky (8 yrs) loves it and we will be able to explore places and he can come with us especially in towns. Thank you so very much. Highly recommended, great quality very smooth. I could go on and on. THE ROLLS ROYCE OF ALL DOG STROLLERS

Anne, Fred & Sparky in Godalming Surrey, United Kingdom


Dogger Pushchairclick to zoom
I purchased your Dogger stroller last October, so I have now had it nearly a year. My shih tzu Lucy is 10 years old and can't walk far. I just want to say how good the Dogger is, I can now take long walks knowing Lucy can rest comfortably when she gets tired, it is so easy to handle and I call it my rolls Royce of strollers. Thanks again for a great stroller, we both love it.

Krystine Gill, Sutton in Ashfield, United Kingdom


Female Dog Nappiesclick to zoom
Our beloved miniature labradoodle, Fizz (9 yrs) has been waking from every nap and finding herself in a huge puddle of urine. In the mornings, it is more of a lake than a puddle! She has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and we are still working to get the balance of insulin correct.Here are a couple of photos of Fizz in her new nappies (46cm waist measurement, so I went for size S). The nappies fit very well around the waist, but I have had to do up all the poppers around her skinny legs. She doesn't mind at all. In fact, as you will see from the second photo, she is so happy to be allowed back on the sofa. Just look at that expression of pure bliss! That said, we have only had a limited success, but I think that is due to the sheer volume of liquid she is producing and therefore I have just ordered the pads and three more nappies. Good luck to everyone and let's hope we can make our soggy doggie's more comfortable! (And our homes less wet...).

Jacqui Armitage, Weybridge, United Kingdom


Dogger pramclick to zoom
We are so happy with our new Dogger! It is just what we were hoping it would be. My engineer husband is so impressed with the Dogger. He instantly commented on how well constructed it is, as well as being a well-thought out design. It is an absolute top made dog buggy!! We used the Dogger yesterday, in Muenster, and it was a real pleasure. What a difference it made! The weather is so very hot right now and Oliver (7yrs) was a happy boy to be riding along in his super stylin’ Dogger! The other photos were taken at the castle in our village. We thank you for all your help and again for your wonderful customer service and product.

Jennifer Smith, Raesfeld, Germany


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Here's a photo of Ben, aged 8 in his Dogger stroller. He's a mini dachshund who came down with IVDD on 14/2/17 and was operated on the same day. We've had the stroller for a week now and would be lost without it.

Claire Martin, Edinburgh, Scotland


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Well, what a great product! Crag (15 yrs) has been running around on our oak flooring last night & today, something which we haven’t seen for quite a while now so the Grippers are definitely helping him to feel more sure footed. Highly recommended if you have a dog with stability problems.

Joanne Penton, Carlisle, United Kingdom


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Many thanks, the Grippers arrived and Bertie (15 yrs) took about 30 minutes to get used to them. He's got his mojo back and has been walking marathons around the house and garden without falling over. He tells me he's going to run the London Marathon this year! I am not convinced. But he hasn't fallen over once with them on and that is a small miracle because I'm usually picking him up every few minutes Nice to see that his confidence is returning and our sanity is saved in this respect!

Paula Fleckney, Ferndown, United Kingdom


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Dillon (13yrs) is much more confident walking on laminate and tiled floors when he wears his grippers.

Michael Walzman, United Kingdom


Dogger dog buggyclick to zoom
Our Dogger has been in use at least five days a week for the last three months, enabling Sam my 15.5 year old Dandie Dinmont to get to and from Kensington Palace Gardens, Hyde Park or Battersea Park each day. My Cavaliers Maxwell and Darty trot alongside the Dogger very happily. I have the attachment for the handle bars for my mug of tea, keys and dog snacks - wonderful. The carrying basket for dog bags, leads, coats, balls etc. has been well used and is big enough for shopping too. I enclose this photograph of my two Cavaliers and Louisa pushing my Sam. With many thanks for your wonderful product.

Louise Paternot, London, United Kingdom


Dogger dog buggyclick to zoom
Thank you very much for the dog stroller... you were very prompt and professional getting it to us so quickly, much appreciated. Our 15yr old Shih-tzu Chloe loves it as she's high up see's everything going on, we love how you can change the hood over to the opposite side to shield from sun wind etc. She is so much more comfortable in yours then any others we've had, she can be with us most of the time! Shops, Bars don't object as she's off the floor. Also we think it's not just the most comfortable, but certainly the most stylish we've seen out and on line. It certainly enhances her golden years.

Susan Goulding, Almeria, Spain


Washable Wonders Dog Belly Bandclick to zoom
Bruno (17 yrs) has no problem wearing his New Band. I think he actually likes it and he is even allowed back on his favourite chair again. With No More little puddles to mop up. Thank You. What a great product which is washed and dried in no time. I will be passing your great product info and web site info on to all my doggy friends.

Sylvia Spurdle, Dorset, United Kingdom


Grippers Dog Traction Socksclick to zoom
My dog Cassie (10 yrs) seems very happy and is flying about the house now - thank you.

Sarah Henderson, Dublin, Ireland


Dog Belly Bandclick to zoom
Lucky actually enjoys wearing the belly band! It must give him a feeling of security. He wags his tail when I put it on him. Thanks again,

Richard Harries. Edinburgh. Scotland

Gracy & Fanny

Dogger Pramclick to zoom
We are happy! The stroller is great! Here are a few photos of our new stroller with my 16 years old dog Gracy. Did you see my other dog Fanny (10 years)? She's also inside-:)

Manuela Schuler, Laufenburg, Germany

Diva & Mr. T.

Dogger Pramclick to zoom
The Dogger has arrived and it's awesome!!!! Both our dogs Diva (16 yrs) and Mr T (16 yrs) have had a little ride in it round the garden, they love it. Diva and Mr T are brother and sister from the same litter. I got another stroller as a stop gap until the Dogger was in stock, but it was really bouncy and Diva didn't like it at all, one ride in the Dogger and she was sitting down totally relaxed, it is so much comfier for her. Thank you for coming up with a brilliant product and also for your great customer service.

Clare Canninng, Swadlimcote, United Kingdom


Dogger Pramclick to zoom
Received my stroller and I am delighted. I went for a 1 hour walk but Smartie my 12 year old dachshund did 20 mins, he has back problems and arrhythmia - the stroller just terrific, thank you for easy purchase and delivery, but most of all for designing this great stroller.

Jane Moores, Suffolk, United Kingdom


Dogger Pramclick to zoom
Here is Maximus in Kensington Gardens in London loving all the attention he was getting. We had so many compliments about it and lots of people asking where we got it from. He absolutely loves it and so do we, it will change his life for the better so much I'm so happy we purchased it. Thank you for the great customer service and I can't wait to get him out again in it.

Sarah Walker, Wrexham, United Kingdom

Ruby & Nelly

Dogger pushchairclick to zoom
A beautiful day out today with Ruby and Nelly. We were able to stay out longer with the Dogger pushchair. Just love it.

Charon Stockton, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Clover, Jasper & Tinkerbell

Dogger pushchairclick to zoom
I picked the Dogger over other pushchairs on market because I suffer from fibromyalgia which gives me painful, muscle weakness and so I needed a pushchair which I could push easily. The Dogger is so easy I can manoeuvre with one finger. Also Clover my Bichon has a cruciate knee injury so she can't walk too far. The Dogger will truly transform mine and the dogs lives.

Maria Stableford, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Since Tanner (11 1/2yrs) has been wearing them, he's not fallen over once. Great product.

Richard Swain, Kings Hill, United Kingdom


Washable dog nappyclick to zoom
Suki (13 yrs) seems quite happy with the diapers. We are going to order some more diapers and possibly pads as well. Thank you again for all your help and the fantastic service we have received from you.

Pam and Alan Macer, Almeria, Spain


Dogger pramclick to zoom
My darling Katie (11 yrs) is seated in her carriage, surveying the world around her on the cathedral green! She is clearly enjoying each ride we have taken this week and although she had a short potter on the Green, she soon sat down, which is a sign that she would prefer to be sitting more comfortably in her Dogger.Thank you again, for providing this lovely stroller.

Hilary Adams, Wells, United Kingdom

Bella & Amber

Dogger dog buggyclick to zoom
The Dogger is amazing! Wish I had ordered it sooner.

Jo Karina, Romsey, United Kingdom


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Thank you very much for excellent service. I received the socks today, and Micki is already very pleased with them. The socks are great and very helpful for dogs like Micki who is scared of slippery floors because of osteoarthritis! Great idea.

Mia Thomsen, Denmark


Dogger dog buggyclick to zoom
A great first class product. My wife and our Cairn terrier Blackie (7 1/2 yrs), we are all so pleased with our purchase and also the service provided by ‘Dog Quality’ prior to our placement of the order. The stroller has been well designed and engineered in structure, finish and stow ability which will provide use for several years use to come. It has certainly attracted a lot of interest and smiles along the sea front near to where we live.

Alan Short, Norfolk, United Kingdom


Dogger dog buggyclick to zoom
Dilly and his brother Oscar our two 5 year old English Cocker Spaniels were finally able to go out on our usual weekend walking for the first time in 11 weeks since Dilly suffered a catastrophic disc rupture.

I'm happy to report that Dilly is now well on the mend and able to walk up to a 1 mile so the Dogger was essential to getting him around the remaining 3.5 miles! It will also be essential for the foreseeable future and its sturdy design is of great comfort to us knowing it will endure the coming demands.

I'm delighted to report that the Dogger handled field, manoeuvred through various styles of gates, steep hill, bridge and steps easily and Dilly was very happy to sit Emperor like throughout!

Being tall and avid walkers, finding the stroller handle height adjustable and the back axle did not impede our striding pace, was another plus to us. The ease with which it collapsed also helped when negotiating the various narrow footbridges/styles.

Mr & Mrs Barker, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Zoey, Tiffany, Sammy & Millie

click to zoom
We are so thrilled with the Dogger, especially now they all can fit in and have a ride, as you can see they are very happy in it (Zoey 6yrs, Tiffany 5yrs, Sammy 3yrs & Millie 2yrs). It's the best dog stroller I have ever seen. Looking forward to lots of lovely walks. Thank You so much.

Roberta Aburrow, Southampton, United Kingdom


click to zoom
I can confirm the product is amazing and really does work!! I'm pleased to say that not only does this product keep Lucy our 13 year-old Welsh Pembroke Corgi dry, but she's also able to move around the home freely, without the nappy dropping off. As well as being incontinent, Lucy also has reduced mobility in her back legs and isn't able to walk properly outside without the aid of a dog mobility scooter. Indoors, she has to shuffle around. Thanks to your product, she can now shuffle around the home freely without leaving puddles on the carpets because her nappy stays on!!

Elizabeth Johnson, Doncaster, United Kingdom


Washable Wonders Dog Belly Bandclick to zoom
Thank you for sending the belly band so quick. I put it on Scooby and he loves it. It's a really good fit on him and we've had no leaks so far. I'd like to thank you so much for all your help and kindness and I will be recommending your company on my facebook to all my friends with dogs and telling them what an excellent customer service you have where the dog and customer comes first. Thank you very much.

Mrs A. Clanachan, United Kingdom


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
The socks really have changed his life so much for the better.

Margaret Aiton, Cupar, United Kingdom

Heidi and Archie

Dogger buggyclick to zoom
Heidi's new wheels have arrived here in Portadown. Archie the 1 year old Schnauzer is looking on in amazement! What a brilliant service and superb Dogger Buggy.

Alexis Fraser, Portadown, United Kingdom


Washable Wonders Dog Nappyclick to zoom
These socks are making such a difference to my pug Stitch's quality of life. He has been so happy this afternoon, with his new socks on he seems to have more confidence walking around. His back legs have had a substantial amount of pinning and he has been really struggling to walk. I cant believe the difference this has made to his life. Thank you so much!!

Keri Forster, Gillingham, United Kingdom


Washable Wonders Dog Nappyclick to zoom
Top notch quality product that stays on too. Very soft, comfortable, size good, pads lovely. We can visit our friends now as with a leaking dog you cannot really take them into other people's homes. Thank you again for a product that actually works.

Karin Connor, Westgate-on-Sea, United Kingdom


Grippers Dog Traction Socksclick to zoom
Holly wearing her lovely new socks. Our daughter's dog who we treated due to her bilateral surgery for cruciate ligament, socks are so good on laminate flooring!!

Gill Rollinson, Airdrie, United Kingdom


Grippers Dog Traction Socksclick to zoom
With his loss of sight and failing legs which caused him to fall on hard floors Oliver had lost his confidence, but now he happily moves around the house thanks to his Grippers and has regained his joie de vivre!!

Allen and Irene North, Burnham-on-Crouch, United Kingdom


Washable Wonders Dog Nappyclick to zoom
Here's Molly (6 yrs) sleeping soundly as she has done since the first night she wore the nappy. Before she got the nappy she had been waking up and leaving her wet bed in the early hours. This woke me up as well because she scratched to be let out of her bed. Now I get a great night's sleep as well.

Petrina Concannon, Dublin, Ireland


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
I bought these to stop my GSD licking her pads obsessively. She has had a handful of episodes of doing this when we go out. So we have a few weeks of her having to wear a Elizabethan collar if we leave the house. The collar interrupts the habit and breaks the cycle but it's not something I feel happy leaving her in. The boots are a great alternative.

K Smith, Hampshire, United Kingdom


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Thank you for the doggy socks, honest they are brilliant. My dog Kez (8 yrs) had a disk removed from her back and her back feet drag a little and she finds it difficult to walk on wooden floors. These socks have made a huge difference and she is confident on wooden floors. I have tried many products and these are the best. The socks have changed her life, she is so much happier and I am delighted. I will be ordering more doggy socks in the near future.

Ann-Louise Donald, Cumbernauld, United Kingdom

Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Here is a photo of our day out at Dymchurch it was a great day because the Dogger made it so easy with all five dogs.

Joy Paine, Kent, United Kingdom


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Here is Sasha 'rockin' her socks! She seems to be accepting them and walking very confidently on the wooden floors - yay!

Jane Good, Merseyside, United Kingdom


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Many thanks for the gripper socks which have arrived safely. My cavalier King Charles, Buffy (10 1/2 yrs), now has some grip on our wooden floors and I'm sure it's going to help her in her senior years.

Helen Howard, Norfolk, United Kingdom


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Thank you for Whiskey's Grippers. He loves them very much!

Gemma Jackson, Devon, United Kingdom


Dogger dog walkerclick to zoom
The Dogger has arrived, and we've been for our first test drive. Our one eyed Australian terrier Bruce (11 years), who is recovering from further eye surgery approves! We intend to take him with it back to some of the wild places he's hiked with us until recently. It's a dream to push over rough terrain and we love the headlights as well!

Jayne Simpson, Hampshire, United Kingdom


Washable Wonders Dog Diapersclick to zoom
Pookie (7 yrs) is a fighter. He had a spinal injury that left him paralyzed but after surgery has regained his mobility. Unfortunately he still has incontinence issues but thanks to his Washable Wonders this can be managed. Thank you to his caring mom who shared his story and who found us all the way from Slovenia.

Simona Mikek , Slovenia


Dog Strollerclick to zoom
We were so happy the Dogger was on time for our holiday. All three of us loved it. It was a great solution for a dog that doesn't like to be in places with a lot of people. Lhasa felt secure in the Dogger and received a lot of very positive comments of people in the street.

Lidy Roost, Bilzen-Hees, Belgium


Dog Strollerclick to zoom
This is Sultan, she is a Labrador Retriever - German Shepherd crossbreed. She's been with us since she was two weeks, and she's exactly 14 ½ years old now. Among other ailments like loss of sight, loss of hearing, and weakening hindquarters, she has recently been diagnosed with a malign tumor in her bladder. She can hardly hold her pee any more, needs to comfort herself more and more frequently, and she gets depressed and very frustrated when she does it indoors, something she had never done ever since she was a puppy. So, you can imagine how your diapers and pads have been a life-saver, not only for us who would have otherwise needed to clean the floors all day, but also and foremost for Sultan, keeping her clean and saving her from the embarrassment and discontent. Thank you again.

Ali Yurtsever, Istanbul, Turkey


Dog Strollerclick to zoom
Well we've been and road tested the 'Megmobile' this morning and it's great!....and Meg thinks so too. Thank you for enabling her to get out and about again.

Eric Barber, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom


Dogger dog buggyclick to zoom
The Dogger hits Germany! 16 yrs young Schröder can now keep up with his younger sister, 6 yrs old Lillie-Pu!

Kristian & Elke Klasen, Hessen, Germany

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