Download the Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Dog Nappy for Your Senior Dog (FREE!) AND avoid the frustration of trial, error, and accidents!

The Ultimate Guide will help you:
  • Get the best possible nappy fit to avoid leaks and keep your older dog comfortable.
  • Learn what special needs should be considered when buying a doggie nappy so that you don’t come home to find a wet nappy in a heap on your floor.
  • Stop making the nappy buying mistakes that leave you and your pooch frustrated and ready to give up on nappies and the freedom your dog deserves.
  • Understand the difference between male and female needs for doggie nappies and gain a peace of mind knowing that there is a solution that BOTH you and your dog will love!

Imagine doggie nappies that stay put (and don’t leak)! Wish granted.

It’s heartbreaking to see the distress our dogs feel when they get older and start having accidents. We’ve trained them to wait to go outside for potty breaks, so when they can’t anymore, they think they’ve done something wrong. You start to wonder:

How do I keep my dog dry and happy and prevent them from feeling ashamed?

Will my aging dog be able to experience the same level of freedom they had in their younger years?

The answer -- ABSOLUTELY. The right dog nappies will allow your dog to age gracefully and maintain their dignity while facing this age-related challenge. The problem is, finding a nappy that fits well enough to not only prevent leaks but also keep your senior dog comfy and content.

That’s why I started Dog Quality to make assistance products for senior dogs that improve their quality of life.

I researched and tried products for my own senior dogs but nothing worked. I ended up with a disappointed French bulldog in a sagging, disposable nappy that leaked and made crinkling noises that drove him crazy. If you can’t find solutions, sometimes, you just have to make your own, which is what I did. Now, the dog assistance products that I’ve created are loved by thousands of pet parents around the world.

To help you avoid the same frustrating process of trial, error and accidents I went through, I put together a downloadable guide with everything you need to consider when choosing a dog nappy for your senior dog.

Download The Ultimate Guide

Your company name says it all. Charlie is 16 and is now blind and deaf. Charlie always would scratch at the door to go out but he's not able to do this anymore so we are trained to take him out on a regular basis. It has been such a life-saver to have these nappies when we go out and don't have to worry about coming home to an unhappy embarrassed dog and messy kennel or floor. We would highly recommend your product and thanks again for the incredible customer service.”

- Sue and Craig Revill, Kelowna, British Columbia

The socks have given my dog Pepper a new life. Earlier she was not able to get up since her legs would keep slipping and were losing strength. It took almost half an hour to make her stand up. She was very miserable. We were also wondering how long she could carry on like this. Now with the gripper socks she is up on her feet within seconds and she is able to move around a lot. Her confidence seems to have come back and she feels happy. And we are also relieved and happy.”

- Shashikala Ravi, Maharashtra, India

A Senior Dog Owner Must! My 14 year old senior cocker spaniel rescue is now free to roam the house, get on the furniture etc without the fear of a giant mess! I recommend these to all my rescue friends. The inserts are also great at stretching out time between washes. I also bought the bag to contain the soiled nappy smell until laundry day!

- Sandra Shadic, Marietta, Georgia.

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