Dog Quality Products for Senior Dogs Now Available in the UK

09 July, 2014

Dog Quality, a company focused on products that improve the quality of life for older dogs, has launched its UK distribution to better support pet parents in the United Kingdom and across Europe.

While the company has been operating since 2009, all sales and shipments have been handled through its Canadian location making servicing the UK and Europe slow and costly. By being able to offer distribution from within the UK, the Company can now offer affordable and fast delivery options to its customers. 

“We are very excited to be able to offer our products in the UK so we can help senior dog parents locally and across Europe in a way that was simply not possible from our Canadian location. Shipping is so expensive these days that trying to service our customers from Canada was cost prohibitive until now,” states Ann-Marie Fleming, CEO of Dog Quality

Dog Quality’s products include the Dogger™ buggy for dogs that need mobility assistance, Grippers™ dog traction socks to provide dogs with stability on slippery indoor surfaces such as tile and hardwood, and the Washable Wonders™, a line of washable dog incontinence products such as dog nappies, belly bands and pads. 

“What we are hearing from our customers is that products like ours are not available in the UK and Europe. We utilize innovations from the baby world and incorporate these design ideas into our products for senior dogs, resulting in high quality, life changing products. We are proud to now have these available in the UK for parents who wish to improve the quality of life for their senior dogs,” adds Fleming. 

Dog Quality expects to add new products to its lineup over the coming months including a waterproof blanket pad, a no tail hole version of their nappies and a larger buggy for bigger dogs.

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