Why is My Older Dog Peeing in the House?

03 September, 2020

If you have a dog, you know that accidents happen. You also maybe thought your days of cleaning up puddles were long behind you. But even the best trained dogs can slip up from time to time, and this becomes even more true for senior dogs. As pups age, they often develop dog incontinence — the involuntary inability to hold their urine — so you may notice a few more messes around the house.

How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

02 July, 2020

At Dog Quality, we’re dedicated to making senior dogs’ later years their happiest yet. Teaching your pup new tricks can be a fun way to enhance his quality of life and bond with him at the same time. We know from firsthand experience that dogs are never too old to learn. In fact, training can help to exercise dogs’ brains and keep their minds sharp. Ready to learn how to train a stubborn dog to do new tricks? Here’s what to do.

Managing Joint Pain and Arthritis in Dogs

01 May, 2020

At Dog Quality, our top priority is to support senior dogs in their aging journey and give them the dignity they deserve. While arthritis will likely limit your dog’s mobility and slow him down, no dog should have to suffer in pain. Fortunately, there are many ways to manage your dog’s arthritis at home.

The Do’s and Don'ts of Exercising Your Senior Dog

05 March, 2020

Remember when you first brought your dog home? Whether he was a puppy or a rescue, he was probably full of energy and excited to start his life with his forever family. He probably jumped at every opportunity to go for a walk or run around the dog park with his furry friends. As your dog ages, though, you might have noticed that he’s ready to go home sooner than he used to be. Maybe he avoids going for walks or no longer wants to play with other dogs. That’s because dogs, like humans, slow down as they reach their senior years.

7 Dog-Friendly Places in Aberdeen, Scotland to Take Your Dogger Buggy

07 November, 2019

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to take our dogs with us wherever we go. Fortunately, Aberdeen is an incredibly dog-friendly city and there’s always somewhere to take your furry friend. As our dogs get older, though, they start to slow down and might not be able to handle big days out on the town. That’s why Dog Quality created the Dogger Buggy: a stroller for your pup so you never have to leave home with her.

Understanding Seizures in Older Dogs

11 September, 2019

When an older dog has a seizure, it’s scary, especially if they don’t have a history of them. I know from experience with my own senior dogs. However, it may give you peace of mind to know that dog seizures aren’t painful for your pooch. Of course, your dog might feel a sense of panic and confusion but during the actual seizure, they won’t be in pain. Learn the symptoms and what you should do if your dog is having a seizure in our blog.  


Your Guide to Grippers™ Non Slip Dog Socks

17 May, 2019

Non-slip dog socks give older dogs suffering from arthritis, hip problems or general leg weakness, the grip they need to walk on slippery surfaces like tile or hardwood. You won't find a more comfortable or affordable way to help stabilize your older dog on difficult indoor surfaces. But there can be an adjustment period, lots of questions about sizing and keeping them on and then of course caring for the socks...we've compiled the most frequently asked questions into a handy infographic! 

7 Great Places to Explore in London With Your Dogger Dog Buggy

13 April, 2019

Greenwich Park

London is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world. I love that with so much to see and do, dogs can join in the fun with their humans. However, for senior dogs, mobility problems can put a damper on getting around, which is where our Dogger dog buggy comes in. Not only will it allow your older dog to continue to enjoy the excitement and exercise of walks, it’s extremely versatile. I designed it as an all-terrain, pet jogging buggy so it’s outstanding for smoothly and comfortably navigating any environment. It works equally as well indoors, for casual strolls or to keep small or senior dogs out of harm’s way in crowded environments as it does for hiking and jogging. So, if you plan on exploring a city like London, be sure to bring your Dogger along to help maximize the fun for you and your pooch. Not sure where to start? We've got 7 great dog-friendly spots in London to take your Dogger for a spin...

How to Show Your Senior Dog You Love Them

11 February, 2019

Girl kissing her dog on the head

With Valentine’s Day falling in the middle of February, it has become the month of love. Most of us take the time to show our human friends and family how much we care but what about our senior dogs? How can we give them the TLC they deserve not only on Valentine’s Day but all year round?

Is Your Pooch Slipping on the Floors? Dog Socks Can Help!

19 December, 2018

German Shepard Chow Chow with Grippers Dog Socks on Paws

If your dog is constantly slipping and falling or has trouble getting up and down, it can cause them to lose their confidence. Our Grippers™ traction socks ensure senior and disabled dogs can stay on their feet and freely get around the house. We've got some tips for finding the best dog socks for your furry family member’s needs.

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